A new form of artistic carving

Urna Concept combines the centuries-old South Tyrolean tradition of wood carving with elegant Italian design. For wooden urns of exquisite quality and beauty.

An ancient artisanal tradition

The art of woodcarving has been rooted in Gröden for 300 years. Urna Concept taps into this Alpine tradition and ancient know-how, giving it a new shape. Through the unique design of our wooden urns, we aim to honour the individuality of each loved person for whom they are destined. We do so by combining a fine design, top-quality materials and skilled workmanship.

Ecological and sustainable

Our cremation urns are produced exclusively in our workshop in South Tyrol, Italy. They are made entirely of premium locally sourced wood, a naturally eco-friendly and renewable material. To choose Urna Concept is to buy a product that is ecological as well as of great quality. All our wooden urns are 100% biodegradable.

Our artistic cremation urns are hand-carved by experienced artisans.

Premium quality
The fine wood we use for our urns comes from the woods in our area.

100% biodegradable
Wood is a natural, renewable material that is also entirely biodegradable.

Our hand-carved urns are available in a range of different types of wood and designs, and feature personalised details.