Everlasting memories

Handmade wooden cremation urns

Urna Concept is a South Tyrolean designer of exclusive cremation urns, carved with care and craftsmanship in our workshop in Gröden. Our urns are produced according to century-old traditions to the highest quality standards and provide an everlasting memorial to someone special.

Wooden urns for ashes
As unique as the individual
  1. Eternity
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  2. Freedom
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  3. Elementary
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  4. Drop
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Unique pieces

Every person is unique, with their own special character and preferences. Through cremation urns, our skilled designers and woodcarvers strive to express and pay tribute to the individual soul and personality. This is why each of our urns is a piece as unique as the person whose memory it preserves.
Unique pieces

South Tyrol’s finest woodcarving art

Nestled in the heart of the Dolomites, Gröden has earned worldwide recognition for its woodcarving tradition. For centuries the woodcarvers and sculptors in this South Tyrolean valley have been turning wood into exquisite works of art. The secrets of carving have been perfected down to the last detail and passed on for generations. Urna Concept traces its roots back to this time-honoured tradition.
Our workshop
Pet cremation urns
Forever at your side
  1. Dog head
    Dog head
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  2. Image
    Heart dog
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  3. Heart cat
    Heart cat
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  4. Animal heart
    Animal heart
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A partner for funeral parlours

We are trusted partners of funeral parlours and funeral supplies purveyors. We provide handmade wooden urns and personalised service, ensuring the highest quality in all areas. If you are interested in becoming our partner, we will be happy to illustrate all the benefits.
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A passion for wood

Wood has its own soul, and the power to give us a sense of warmth and security. In nature, each piece of wood grows slowly, with its own unique colour, texture and patterns. We love this natural material as we love the woodland where it grows – where we also grew. And it is with great love and care that we carve it into beautiful cremation urns for the dearly departed.
Our workshop