A tasteful memorial

When a loved one leaves our side, the fond memories of their unique soul and the precious moments shared live on in our hearts. Our hand-carved wooden cremation urns come in many different designs to pay tribute to the person’s uniqueness. From simple styles to extraordinary designs, our selection of fine urns caters for every preference.

Custom designs
On request, we are happy to carve your urn based on a design of your choice or to add personalised details to a standard design.

Premium quality
Our cremation urns are handmade according to Gröden’s woodcarving tradition.

Good for the environment
We only use locally sourced wood, and all our urns are fully biodegradable.

Fast delivery
Accurate processing of orders and fast delivery are guaranteed.
Which is the capacity of the urns?

Our large urns (33 cm) can contain the standard ash capsule and its capacity is of 5 liters. The small urns (28 cm) can only hold the ash-bag and their capacity is of 4.5 liters.

How are the urns sealed?

The urns are sealed with silicone and two screws.

Is the ash bag included in the price?

Yes it is.

Are the urns in stock?

Yes, they are shipped within 24/48 hours by courier. For customized urns please contact us sooner.

Is VAT included in the price?

Yes, VAT is included in the price.